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Christiansburg VA

Welcome to Ascend Chiropractic located in Christiansburg, VA – The New River Valley. At Ascend Chiropractic, my mission as a Christiansburg chiropractor is simple: Elevate the health and wellness of the families here through specific chiropractic care.


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Ascend Chiropractic

At Ascend Chiropractic, we use a unique approach and technique that is not yet offered exclusively in this area. This technique is known as Gonstead Technique. We use this technique to specifically locate areas of interference in your nervous system and work to remove this, allowing your body to function at your highest potential.

Ascend Chiropractic is in Suite 12 of the Professional Regent Plaza on North Franklin Street and easily accessible by highway 460. Dr. Robyn has explored every town and community here in the NRV, always knowing Christiansburg was a natural fit. She loves the magnificent mountains that surround this area and loves the small-town, welcoming vibe it has to offer.

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Dr. Robyn’s journey to become a chiropractor was not a linear one. Her father had a few traumatic brain injuries, so she knew firsthand how fragile the human body can be without proper brain function.

Dr. Robyn spent a few years working in brain injury rehabilitation to serve a community of people that were close to her heart. Through this job, she began learning about how intricate and delicate the nervous system truly was and wanted to be proactive in a person’s life, connecting them to their innate intelligence while also preserving health and wellness as much as possible.

She does not say she found chiropractic, but rather, chiropractic found her. While her original why was all about others, she also realized chiropractic gave her a new life because it helped her not be reliant on medication for her anxiety and depression. She also began to see dramatic changes in her own health through improved respiratory function, sleep patterns, and ability to focus.

She tells her practice members often: “Chiropractic saved my life not because it solved all my problems and not because it removed all pain, but instead it gave me the strength to solve problems myself, value life, fully live, and not just merely exist.”


The Nervous System
Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves control your body as long as you are alive. These components make up the nervous system, which is the system that controls all other systems in the body.

The Spine
Your brain is protected by your skull. Your spinal column, which is composed of bones called vertebrae, protects your spinal cord and has openings for your nerves to exit and supply other parts of the body. Our nervous system and spine are directly connected.

The Subluxation
Your spine can shift out of proper alignment causing stress on your joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, discs, and nerves. This is called a subluxation. A subluxation is caused by the body’s inability to adapt to physical, mental, and chemical stressors that it is exposed to. A subluxation also disrupts proper communication between your brain and body. These can be silent and cause problems before symptoms occur.

The Adjustment
An adjustment is a gentle and specific force made by a Chiropractor to restore proper positioning and normal movement of the spine, which allows optimal signaling between your brain and body.

Health & Wellness
When your nervous system can properly communicate to the rest of your body, your body can adapt and heal to stressors, and then function at its highest potential.

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